My Passion: Collaboration with Colleagues

My career serves as an extension of who I am and Whom I serve. I seek to make a positive impact on others and to bring something of lasting value to the educational system as a whole.

The world we live in is teeming with possibilities. Creating an atmosphere for lifelong learning, curiosity and exploration is crucial to fully understanding our place within this world. I seek to motivate others to love learning and to seek personal growth. Through my skills as a teacher and a facilitator, I can create space and time for effective collaboration and positive interactions with colleagues. I strategically build teams and committees to identify various problems, brainstorm solutions, coordinate resources and then produce results. I am an effective communicator, both orally and in written correspondence. I love to exchange ideas with others in a variety of contexts.
My passion is to develop space and time for teachers to grow professionally. I hope to create professional learning communities for teachers based on topics and subject matter that they are curious about.


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