Too many shoes?

As I sit and try to think of how best to describe my varied interests, the image of wearing many hats or collecting many shoes comes to mind. Using the metaphor of “shoes”, let me see if I can give you a glimpse into my current learning experiences:

My running shoes are for keeping up with my wonderful children and supportive husband.

One pair of dress shoes are reserved for my professional activities such as a Board member on the Society of Christian Schools and the Christian Teachers Association of BC. I might also wear these shoes for other professional activities such as facilitating the BC Teachers’ Institute of Parliamentary Democracy.

Another pair of dressier shoes might be a good fit for wearing to the church that I attend.

My flat loafers are for my day-to-day job of teaching my lively grade two students.

Of course, I need a pair of sandals for kicking around the beach and relaxing on the weekends (if I ever have the time).

Oh, and I can’t forget my hiking shoes for those long hikes up the Chief or the Grouse Grind.

It seems that my closet (and my life) are filled with fantastic opportunities that keep me very busy. Perhaps this year, I might need to buy another pair of shoes that would fit my latest endeavor of beginning the Teacher-Librarian Diploma program!


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