Brainstorming My Final Vision Project


For my final vision project, I plan to construct a website that will host ideas to assist  colleagues in integrating technology into their teaching. My website is called “Techtoolsforlearning”.  I am thinking that I will begin by targeting the staff at my own elementary school as my “test audience” and then widen the audience to include educators around the world.

(Here is a screenshot of the beginnings of my website)


In order to host the website within Canada and to minimize the restrictions of using children’s photos and artifacts, my website is hosted on my school’s server. Thank you to Joel, my wonderfully supportive IT Manager, for setting up the site link for me. I chose to use a WordPress blog to create my site as I am somewhat familiar with using WordPress.

What do I envision my website will include?

  • relevant articles and research related to technology in the classroom
  • tips and helpful hints on specific technology tools
  • lesson ideas and artifacts demonstrating how these tools could be used in the classroom

Additional ideas for future expansion could include:

  • a place for colleagues to post and share resources and notes following participation in Professional Development
  • resources to assist in using the Smart Board and a place for colleagues to share their own Smart Board lesson ideas
  • digital citizenship: resources

In terms of ‘format’, I was thinking of setting up specific pages on the website for each category listed above. Within those pages, I can target more specific tools or topics. For example, on the page titled “Tech Tools”, I can have a post about the iPad App “Explain Everything”. Within the specific posts, I can then embed videos and images that would be most helpful to teachers.

It is my hope that this project will not be time-limited to the duration of this course but will become a helpful resource for many years to come.


Scholtz, O. “Dialog, question, tux icon”. [image].Retrieved from


4 thoughts on “Brainstorming My Final Vision Project

  1. Excellent idea and plan for your final vision! You’ve identified a clear need among your community, you’ve approached others to support this vision with some server space and a wordpress install, you’ve got a draft mockup of the site so far, and you’ve got a clear vision of what you plan to put on this site and why. A very good start to the vision. Good tagging and linking as well!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I am still trying to muddle through the set up details of the website such as “how to put certain posts under the appropriate pages”. In my mind, you should be able to attach a post under one of the specific pages/subheadings. Hmmm…still trying!


  3. What a great title “tech tools for learning.” I too am working on a resource for myself and my colleagues to use. I have many great ideas as to how to help your staff. What about those teachers that still feel technology is not necessary in the classroom? There are some of those on my staff and I’m thinking that if they read/see the 21st Century Literacy Skills and a compelling TedTalk video or two, that they may convert, or at least be more open to how important technology has become for learning. Just a thought! Love what you are thinking about so far. 🙂


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